How can I keep my oven clean while I cook?

Although we would always recommend having your oven cleaned professionally at least twice a year (as we should, because that’s what we do!) there are ways and means for keeping your oven in good shape between cleans. It all starts with reducing the amount of food splatter in the first place!

Two of the main areas where food splatter accumulates are the very top and very bottom of your oven. If you imagine fat spitting and flying from the top of a roast chicken to stick to the top of your oven, and the other half dripping down into a greasy puddle at the bottom you will understand what I mean.

So what can you do about it? Well, it’s just the simple things really.

Use Drip Trays / Oven Liners to protect the bottom of your oven

Drip trays are great – they’re used in professional and domestic kitchens and their purpose is to collect the drips of fat, grease or just general splatter from your food. Drip trays are convenient because they can be removed and cleaned as easy as a standard oven tray. Another alternative is to use an oven liner, these are re-usable liners that you can cut to shape for your oven and simply remove and clean as often as you like. Think of them like old sheets that you use to cover the carpet and furniture while painting – same principle.

Oven Bags for those Roasties

If you use roasting bags, you’re more likely to avoid splattering your oven. Some people also say food cooked in roasting bags is tastier and juicier, especially with meat. Each to their own I say, but the lack of mess speaks for itself.

Frequent, Quick Cleans

Just like dish washing, if you let it pile up it becomes a mountainous task and you’d rather avoid the kitchen altogether than deal with it. Frequently cleaning your oven will keep it in a reasonable if not better state. If you spot a spill, clean it up when the oven is cool, gives those racks a quick rinse with soapy water. Clean your trays. Clean your ovenware. If you take that extra 5 minutes each time you spot a spill – you’ll save yourself time and money in the long run.

Clean those Racks

Oven racks seem to bear the brunt of most cooking spills, because their typically shiny when new, bright silver metal racks look amazing when clean but down-right lousy when dirty. Give them a clean at least once a month. Use those rack bags you find in the supermarket – they’re cheap and easy to use and do a great job of keeping the shine going.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

If you can, avoid using heavy-duty oven cleaning products unless you have access to professional chemicals like us. You may find that you do more harm than good, especially with caustic substances.

Freshen it up

Just like that famous microwave trick, try putting a slice of lemon and a bowl of water in the oven for 20-30 minutes before one of your quick cleans. The steam from the water should loosen some of the baked-on muck and the lemon (if you’re lucky) might freshen up the stale air a little.

Still struggling?

We don’t blame you, that’s why we have a business that does all of this and more for you. It’s hard work cleaning ovens and if you’re after a hard-working oven cleaner then please look no further than Revive & Shine. Your local, professional oven cleaning service.